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Jerusalem - Twenty two ultra-Orthodox haredi Jews were arrested Monday and charged with Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak assaulting minors and women. The individuals, who were not named, are all Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak the ages of and are residents of Jerusalem, Beitar Illit, Beit Shemesh and Bnei Brak.

Police spokespeople said the arrests were made as part of an ongoing investigation into widespread sex crimes in haredi communities, and that the individuals arrested are suspected of committing crimes over a period of two years. Asked about strong community mores not to talk about sex and to protect the image of the community to the non-haredi world, Aaronson — who is Orthodox — acknowledged a shift in recent years in the haredi rabbinate on this issue, including the emergence of several leading rabbis who refer sex offenders to qualified mental health professionals, fully aware of legal requirements to file reports with legal authorities.

But she also said that the rabbis who are willing to comply with legal requirements are both in the minority amongst their rabbinic colleagues, and fighting a strong cultural norm in the community that includes deep-seeded mistrust of secular authorities. To be blunt — it means sacrificing children of the community on that altar. So instead of immediately arresting them, they Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak the abuse continue so they can "investigate" and then make noise by arresting 20 Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak them in one shot.

Proof that it's not about protecting the innocent but anti chareidi. It's amazing and impressive to observe the Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak officer, instinctively kiss the mezuzah as he was opening the door, during such a sensitive mission.

Sadly, it should be noted that when a child is abused, they often "go off the derech" and I think that the abuser and the "protecting Rabbonim" are culpable.

In addition, it is often the case that an abused child becomes an abuser themselves. It's an evil cycle. Think about all the damage 1 abuser can do over a lifetime. What I dread is the noise from the "activists" who will create images of the dangers of living as a frum Yid.

These are the people who went public claiming that sending your child to yeshiva was hazardous. B"H they have been silenced by their own failures. There are many tools and programs not only available but implemented in yeshivos to prevent abuse and increase safety. The average rebbe is not a danger, and the average mechanech is not a pedophile. It is a grave aveiroh to claim they are. It is interesting to note that all those soap boxes to yell about the terrible system contributed nothing to the various programs that yeshivos implemented to promote safety.

These loudmouths were not interested in saving or protecting children. They were simply bloodthirsty savages who wanted to make as much noise and chilul Hashem, and to destroy souls of rebbeim who might be innocent.

Abuse happens, and every measure to protect children must be taken. A suspected molester needs to be distanced, and reported. But the circus of public shaming and the rush to the secular media hurt, and do not help. I pray that this current issue gets resolved fairly and quietly.

Cameras would be a first step. There are cameras that can hold the images for five years, A Baltimore moisid installed them.

Education is very important. Trump can brag about doing the same and no one cares only when chassidim do it its a big thing. We and others have spoken to many professionals and concluded that "there is no cure for this machla". Therapy may be helpful only for the victim, never works for the perpetrator, it only gives people a false sense of security, so people put down their guard from these perpetrators.

The Israeli army is the safest place to be because the Rabbis don't let the Ultra Orthodox serve in the army. Wow, there are bloggers that are worried about the Hasids image.

If these "G-d fearing" people are guilty I hope they get what they deserve. If they are brought to justice maybe it will act as a deterrent and other people will seek out the help that they need.

Maybe they have too much free time. I wonder how many of there 22 men had full time jobs. Name the "many tools and programs" yeshivos to prevent abuse and what tools and programs are there to deal with abused children. According the Times of Israel,the police raided the homes of "modesty police", found a notebook with a list of perpetrators and then went on to arrest them. Call any of many agencies that deals with the subject in a responsible manner. There are several programs that have been developed Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak are now implemented in many yeshivos.

These yeshivos have not Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak created policies that deal with rules and restrictions about children being alone with staff, but create safe places where children can speak openly and fearlessly about any events that happen. Parents are also provided with their prong of that education. There are many yeshivos with cameras. There are also professionals that consult to schools so that reporting is mandated several states do not require reporting by all school staffand there are rosters of which professionals to call when there is a suspected issue.

Over the past several years, there have been quite a few cases reported to authorities, but without the media exposure. The critics, as you aptly note, are outsiders. If they wanted to help fix the problem, they would have collaborated on the inside to accomplish that. But the children today are far safer. My understanding is that they were arrested for being part of the "Va'ad Hatzenius" and forcing their dictates on others. They were not arrested for sex crimes.

Are you Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak they were waiting until they get 22 guys so they can make 2 minyonim in jail to come and get them? If you are an authentic satmer, you know what goes on, I was there my brother, no one comes out unless there are other people.

I pray they all end up in General Population and find out first hand what it feels like to be molested and the ones who are supposed to protect Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak ignoring their complaints.

Ditto for the enabling 'rebbes' and askonim who protect the offender and punish and silence the victims. Let them all rot bzeh ubvah. So what are they going to be charge with? Having their name on a piece of paper.

Now Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak with also abstain from reporting to the vaad hatznius. What does "kol hakavod" mean? And why couldn't you just continue writing in plain English?

Unfortunately, castration Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak not always the solution. Some have known to molest more victims even after they've been 'fixed'. Castration and amputation, that might work.

Decapitation would definitely do the trick. The frum community gets much of the blame Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak protecting molesters. That is their fault. The failure of therapy for a perp to work is not the fault of the community.

It is the nature of the beast. The disease of pedophilia has no known cure. Probably many reasons for this. Therapy has some benefit, but not enough for me to trust them with my child. If we focus on the victims or potential victims, we still need safeguards, regardless of the perp's therapy experience. And, yes, our community Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak address changes that place Bbw needs naughty chat friend in Havana at risk, just in another location.

Philosophically, I would not oppose castration. But it will actually accomplish quite little. For those who know about molestation, presence or absence of the anatomy makes minimal difference. Besides, there is probably no halachic leeway on this. It is completely prohibited to castrate an animal, let alone a human.

I might wish for halacha to be different, but I am not about to change it to comply with my wishes. Lastly, punishments do not work.

Prison is useful because it keeps the perp out of circulation. And deterrents do not work. Ask anyone who got caught. The abuse continues after the abuse. In chareide communities victims and their familiess are threatened with violence and other destructive measures if they go to professional and legal authorities. And why have these changes been made?

Because those who wanted our children to be truly safe were forced to go public and thereby force the Yeshivos to make those changes. You can fool yourself Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak you want but the inside never wanted to do anything significant about these issues;I speak from personal experience. I don't believe it's Wanting to suck in Bnei Brak haredi they need proof and if people are covering them up like they do in the haredi world takes time.

Yes it sucks but you know what if these people are guilty that's the least that should happen to them they should be kicked out of the community. And Rabbis and leaders need to put a stop to this. If someone tells a leader in that community that this is happening they really need to stop covering for these people sending them to God knows what counseling and they need to kick them out of the communities. Two wrongs don't make a right and is disgusting you even say that.

Stop covering up this should infuriate you that a person who spends so much time " learning tora" which I doubt they are doing is doing these things. Maybe sent them to work so there minds are occupied in other stuff and not hurting innocent people. Exactly that's why they should be taken out of the communities. And people and leaders need to stop covering up for them.


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