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Top 10 Xiaomi smartphones in India Now, that Xiaomi has almost become a household name in India, it is time to explore the top 10 Xiaomi smartphones that have either hit or are expected to hit the Indian shelves soon.

Meet India's first professional female surfer She first surfed at 17 and has been doing it for the past seven years. Ishita Malaviya on the challenges she faces as a surfer and the challenges she faces as a female surfer. She also spoke about the risks involved in surfing and how to tackle them. Here's what models do when they're not working! Take Selfies, of course! Rashmi Nigam shows off her toned abs! Lakme Fashion Week is underway and here's who showed up!

Guess who just walked out of our dreams? Kamal Sidhu, that's who! She's got the look! Kriti Sanon on the LFW runway! The Heropanti star walked the runway for the British high-street brand, River Island. Sexy, flirty, elegant designs from Pakistan!

Four Pakistani designers showcased their collections at Lakme Fashion Week. Pristine, clean cuts inspired by Archana Rao's latest collection sought inspiration from Japanese tea. Good sleep, balanced diet reflects on your skin Bangalore-based model Surbhi Rao gets candid, talks about Down to fuck in Galle first stint at Lakme, Steal my virginity in Firozabad challenges of being a model and how she copes with it.

Sometimes the pain is worth it Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India! Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India! Up in smoke Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India!

Finding contentment Snapshots from the sidelines of one of the biggest fashion events in India! Here's a round up of all the celebs besides Poorna Jagannathan who showed Steal my virginity in Firozabad at the curtain raiser show at the Lakme Fashion Week.

Does it look like she cares? Poorna Jagannathan showed up Steal my virginity in Firozabad the curtain raiser show at the Lakme Fashion Week in a neckline lower than the Sensex's worst performance of the year. You will love this Yamaha for its mileage The Yamaha FZ-S Version 2 addresses the bike's biggest flaw, fuel efficiency; the new one is more frugal and will thus appeal more to mileage conscious buyers 5 reasons why you must invest in mutual funds We give you five good reasons why you must invest in mutual funds at an early age.

Top 8 smartphones over Rs 50, Are you planning to buy a high-end smartphone with advanced features? This list might help you in selecting the best handset money can buy. He will turn your bike into a work of art Vijay Singh Ajairajpura of Rajputana Custom Motorcycles follows his Steal my virginity in Firozabad and does nothing else but improvise.

However, the path was tough and E mail of dating scam in nigeria and his team have conquered the problems with their hard work.

Have you met her granddaughter? Just in case you missed it, Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter Emma Ferrer has made her modelling debut.

And she has her granny's good looks. Five tips to achieve financial freedom Once you achieve financial freedom you do not have to worry about being dependent on someone when you retire and do not have a source of income How Bajaj plans to boost Discover's market share Bajaj Auto has realigned its Discover line-up to reduce confusion and boost market share, says of MotorBeam.

Top bikes under Rs 1 lakh Here's our list of 8 and why they are the best in this price range. Budget better, ride better A bike trip to Leh-Ladakh includes the minimum and obvious cost of fuel, food, accommodation, but if smartly Steal my virginity in Firozabad, can be done in a cost effective way. What men really want in bed A round up of all the sex news from around the world. A fairy tale wedding Philanthropists Dinesh and Kalpana Patel share colours of Steal my virginity in Firozabad from their daughter's wedding.

My name is Saumya! What's in a name? Mispronunciations, awkward moments and sometimes even an identity crisis if your name is.

How to get a body like the Wolverine Fitness expert shows how to build a strong, muscular body like Hugh Jackman's in Wolverine. Three women achievers -- actress Parineeti Chopra, surfer Ishita Malaviya and mountaineer Nungshi Malik -- smash social and cultural taboos associated with menstruation.

One of them was about to die' The magnetism of a yo-yo A short story by. The Indian Scout is here! Despite the novelty, Indian Motorcycles has kept the true spirit of the Indian alive. Ten ways to deal with annoying people We are inspired by idiots plaguing many a good people's lives and hopefully will aid you a little in your own. Let me share a Secret today! Imagine what you can do when you don't have to look at yourself in the mirror anymore. These students want to Steal my virginity in Firozabad India's at-risk juveniles meets the founder and volunteers of Uplift Humanity, a non-profit organisation Steal my virginity in Firozabad skills, mentors and teaches juveniles and orphans and helps them build self-esteem and honesty HTC One E8 Rs 35, Is it worth the price tag?

The adventure bike for long-distance thrills The Suzuki V-Strom is a sport tourer that capably takes on different road conditions. Caring for the caregivers Rama Murali's CARE 3 -- care, connect and community - aims Steal my virginity in Firozabad build a strong caregiver community.

Shobha Warrier meets Murali, the woman behind the enterprise. The barbershop is a great place to while away an afternoon finds a pretty real experience for an 8-ringgit haircut at Malaysian Tamil barbershop Why Microsoft is betting big on Rs Nokia phone With handsets like the NokiaMicrosoft is seeing a tremendous potential to deliver the experience of a 'mobile-first' world to people seeking their first device.

From Rs 2 lakh to Rs crore in 34 years! Steal my virginity in Firozabad is for real. If you want to retire rich forget such stories and start investing now!

Top 10 smartphones under Rs 20, These are the best phones in the mid-range segment and if you have a budget of up to Rs 20, then you have a good variety to explore. The traditional idli gets a makeover meets the duo behind a start-up called Idli Factory, in Chennai.

This Brit lady gets 15 orgasms a week A round up of all the sex news from around the world Still Steal my virginity in Firozabad heard of Croatia? Last week wrote about 9 reasons to visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Here are 10 more reasons why you must visit the country 8 reasons why YOU always lose money in stocks Behavioural investment experts have their reasons, the media has its own reasons, and I have a combination of all of this, says!

Tell us Do you think credit cards -- more so student credit cards -- if used judiciously can benefit you? Or do you think owning a student credit card is a sureshot way of jumping into a debt trap? Whatever your feel, please post your opinions here What is in it for me? These Pakistanis have designs on India: It wasn't simply a matter of better marketing but a combination of pricing, timing and offering that did the trick for the desi brand. All about paperless insurance policies This chat is over now.

Check the chat transcript on August 7 Inspiring story of a poor farmer's son He fought poverty. He sacrificed his football career for his family. At what age are you most popular?

That's the age when you have the most friends says a survey. This Indian wants to discover the real America! Fulbright Scholar Rajeev Gupta sets out on a car journey across the nation to meet 30 families in 30 days. There are many benefits of taking a personal loan against a fixed deposit than just taking a regular personal loan. Read more to find out Share photos of you and your siblings!

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and we are inviting you to share photographs of your siblings. Would you like to buy this pair of shoes? Anvitha Steal my virginity in Firozabad who grew up and lives in Mangalore, Karnataka, has one overriding passion -- add colour and pizzazz to umbrellas, shoes and mobile covers.

Spy photos of the Ducati Scrambler A fan has managed to click and leak pictures of the Ducati Scrambler which was showcased inside a so called 'secret room' at the World Ducati Week recently. Here are 9 reasons you Steal my virginity in Firozabad visit it! You can Dating epidemic a Social Entrepreneur too! Master of Social Entrepreneurship, a flagship programme of Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship, is a two-year full time residential programme designed to enhance entrepreneurial mindset among youngsters and create business leaders for tomorrow.

Miss America gives it back to haters, and aunties Nina Davuluri proves once again that she is much more than just a pretty face. TV stars on their best buddies Friendship Day is coming. Are you doing it right?

There are multiple diets and fitness programmes to make you lose weight, but are you on the right one or is something amiss? Take this quiz and find out! Manipal Global and Google India's digital marketing programme Manipal Global Education and Google India's digital marketing programme for students and professionals.

Here's what the programme entails Top 10 smartphones under Rs 10, Sleek, smart and sexy: These ten come loaded with amazing features too.

What is your listening strategy? Narendra Modi, by all accounts, is a fantastic listener. The prime minister listens intently to all points presented Steal my virginity in Firozabad meetings before he takes a measured decision. Investments just for YOU!


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