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Discussion and links of interest to childfree individuals. Childfree Subreddits Network Other childfree subreddits. Free Subreddits Network Other " Questions Subreddits Network For questions about parents or parenting to non non-parents. Support Subreddits Network Help, assistance and support subreddits.

Use the filters to see or exclude posts from one category at a Impregnation breeding dating, and "Show All" to return to the original feed. We moved in together two years ago, it's been going pretty well. Not without problems and occasional fights but There haven't been any huge upsets. We have great jobs, go on plenty of vacations. You know, living life. We started dating before I was completely sure Impregnation breeding dating I did not want kids but as soon as I was, I brought up the topic.

He seemed relieved that I spoke up and seemed to agree with me. Impregnation breeding dating to two days ago We were hanging out on the couch until then, he packed his stuff, kissed me goodbye and left. I realized pretty quickly he had forgotten his laptop but when I called him he said it didn't matter. So I went to shut it down. I'm honestly not quite sure what possessed me.

I know Eat pussy in Kelowna shouldn't have looked. His reddit was open, maybe something caught my eye before I went to close the browser, I don't know.

While we were on the damn couch talking about, like, how I suck at baking I ruined his mother's birthday cake last week. I'm kind of glad Impregnation breeding dating going to be gone for two weeks because I don't know what this means. I don't have any unusual fetishes.

Does having a breeding fetish mean he wants kids? I have Impregnation breeding dating implant, Impregnation breeding dating, so I don't have to worry too much about him messing with my birth control.

That I'm even having thoughts like this Impregnation breeding dating me. I understand why he didn't tell me, given that over the years I've only become more staunchily childfree. We haven't talked about kids again because I thought the issue was settled. He did ask very quickly to stop using condoms which I have so far been resistent to, given the small chance my implant might fail. I know I should bring this up but opening with "Sooo I snooped through your Reddit" seems like the wrong way.

I haven't gone through his post history or his messages yet If it's just about not using condoms I guess I could deal with that but it honestly also seems like a Impregnation breeding dating fetish, going by the sub I didn't even know such things existed I'm sorry for the wall of text, I guess I'm just really confused. Any opinions are welcome, really. I just need people to bounce things off of, I guess. For most people who have that particular fetish it has nothing to do with being a parent.

They simply find the idea of impregnation sexually arousing. When he gets back just sit down with him and be completely honest about what happened. Explain that you want to understand and get confirmation on his childfree status.

I'm really not which is a little surprising to me because I think if I had thought about this theoretically before, I would have assumed to be disgusted. I agree with the other commenters that this probably isn't anything to worry about and you should just ask but I'll give you the other perspective.

For me, it's the RISK of getting pregnant that turns me on. Like some people like fucking in public, it's Impregnation breeding dating same thrill and Impregnation breeding dating. Even though there isn't really a risk because I'm on BC.

I'm tokophobic, for me I think its the risk and fear combination that is weirdly arousing, lol. I definitely don't want kids and would never have them, I'm sterilized, but I still have this. Hi, I don't comment too often lurker that stalks in the quiet but I am adamantly childfree. Started out on the fence that then turned to never wanting children and outward dislike for most children.

But I do have a similar fetish and it has nothing to do with wanting Impregnation breeding dating have kids. Now I can't speak for your significant other, but for me it's about having that power over someone and the idea that that is the ultimate ownership. Sexy ideals for me; may not be for others but I digress. Just communicate with your person. Talk to him about your concerns and so on.

Moo hope this helps. I'm very much a childfree woman. Some of the things I'm into aren't conventionally possible - like I have a thing for werewolves. So, rather then consume pornography I generally prefer erotic literature or roleplaying. I do have a breeding fetish that appears often in these roleplaying scenes, often as a metaphor for a Impregnation breeding dating dynamic. This has no bearing on my CF choices in reality It might be that he is casually browsing.

Or it might be he's just politely keeping this kink to himself out of Impregnation breeding dating for you, well knowing that it would cause precisely this reaction. Just be honest about the circumstances Impregnation breeding dating which you Impregnation breeding dating this and make sure you're still on the same page. Consider also Impregnation breeding dating if he were really really trying to hide it from you there's no Impregnation breeding dating he would have left his laptop behind.

I've had two CF lovers who had this fetish but had no intentions of having children themselves. For them it was the idea of impregnation that was the key. Still, again, it's a fetish - fantasy- NOT an indication of a actual desire to have kids but since you need to know - ask. I haven't raised any pitchforks yet.

I just feel really weird about it. But you're right, I should talk to him about it when he gets back. I think that's not a phone conversation. I know I felt absolutely positively creeped out when I found out, but, I personally took the time to understand a fetish is often fantasy and not a reflection of the person's real desires. I don't really look forward to sitting around with this for two weeks, especially since we do talk every night, sigh Be super open about it.

Again, you should not have snooped, make sure he knows you are very sorry about it. Ppl can have a fetish and not have it ruin their lives. Given that you had no clue about this and you have been with Impregnation breeding dating for so long, I highly doubt that this is anything to be concerned about.

Personally, I have a rape kink and that goes kinda hand-in-hand with a forced impregnation kink. I'm definitely dont want kids and I'm absolutely terrified of pregnancy, i'm tokophobic, I don't want to actually get pregnant and I'm sterilized but I still feel the same. Maybe he just enjoys creampie Impregnation breeding dating Anything we need to talk about?

Before you think too much about it, maybe he just stumbled upon this sub and was just curious whats it all about. Happened to me too with other subs. He's probably legit curious about it, or maybe has a thing for it. I know I subscribe to all kinds of subs just as a way of bookmarking them to read later and I do that whether I'm actually interested or if I come across something that's like holy shit, WHAT did I just stumble into?

Bookmarking this for Impregnation breeding dating just to see what the hell it is. Anyway, I agree with what others above me have said about not judging him and also apologising for looking at his laptop content: It will be okay and could really make you two closer once you discuss this.

Fantasy is not reality. The concept of impregnation and all that really gets me going in the bedroom for whatever reasons, but that has no Adult hookers in Bristol on my wants and desires for real life.

So I would discuss Impregnation breeding dating you found with your guy just to make sure you're on the same page, but just keep in mind that what turns him on in fantasy does not necessarily reflect what he wants in reality. I'm the same as you! It seems like a paradox, to be simultaneously childfree and into this kink, but they can apparently co-exist for a lot of people, for various reasons. I am also a woman with a breeding fetish, who begs for her men to call her a brood whore, but who gags and has panic attacks if she thinks of herself actually becoming knocked up.

I second the primal nature of it, as well as Impregnation breeding dating power dynamic as why it's hot af to me. It might just be the type of porn he's into. I have some fetishes, and I can tell you right now that if I was given the chance I wouldn't partake in any of them. But like others have said, if you want solid answers you're going to have to get them straight from the horse's mouth.


Please read our Tips for Poor Breeders (Section B) and General Husbandry will dissolve over time); The date a plug is observed is gestational day 0 to For those with breeding and pregnancy risk fetishes, the chance of he discovered his pregnancy risk fetish after sex with his ex-girlfriend. Natural Insemination is exactly what it sounds like—sexual intercourse is that any different to someone renting a BMW for a date when they.