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If you post something but it doesn't show please send us a message to clear it from the spam log. Questions about moving to Hai Phong self. I'm currently teaching English in China, and I'm thinking about moving to Vietnam for a change of scenery. I have something lined up, but if for some reason it falls through and I Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong myself in Hai Phong without a job, are there a decent amount of English teaching opportunities?

I have a college degree and plenty of experience. I moved to China without any prospects and found a job fairly quickly, and Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong was just curious about what I should expect in the job market moving to Hai Phong. I'm curious as well about the amount of air pollution - I'm in Beijing right now, and the awful air is a large part of why I want to get away.

Is it anywhere near as bad in Hai Phong as it Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong here in Beijing? If anyone knows the answer to these questions for other cities in Vietnam but not Hai Phong, I'd still be interested in hearing what you think, but I do believe Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong be setting up in Hai Phong. In HCMC there is a ton of options for teaching, i moved here and got a job in just a couple of weeks. Good, I hope it's the same way in Hai Phong, with the teaching opportunities.

And yeah, I don't need a big or particularly nice place to live - although I am hoping to get a bathroom with an actual bathtub, or at least a shower that is separated from the rest Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong the bathroom by more than a curtain. Sick of the whole room flooding every time I take a shower It looks kinda horrible from what I've seen. Pretty much like a smaller Hanoi without any of the charming parts.

Also there are stories of street gangs, much more 'physical' police behaviour Most of the people I know who have gone there, have done so because their school in Hanoi contracts out teachers to Hai Phong, and pays the teacher handsomely because there is little reason to want to be there.

If pollution is a major biggie for you, then I wouldn't expect any Vietnamese city except perhaps Da Nang to be 'a breath of fresh air' for you, excuse the pun. It won't be anything like as bad as Beijing but it's still a major reason I want to get out of Hanoi. The pay seems to get Sluts contact in Madrid the less pleasant the city though. We are recuiting 3 to 5 full and part time teachers of English for children from 3 to 18 ages located in Hai Phong- Ha Noi, Viet Nam ,year with below information.

England, American, Australian, Canadian, Newrealand… with experience in teaching, open minded, energetic, enthusiastic and positive thinker, well control classes and make classes lively. Priority employee had been taught in Viet Nam.

If you are interested, pleased send your application to giang. People are complete assholes and will constantly scream random swearing because they find it funny.

Having people try to run you off the road or playing chicken when you're on a bicycle is not fun. All while dealing with constant racism while living in a city where there is absolutely nothing Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong do is not worth it in my book. There was a reason why when I was there the average length of a foreigner in that city was like 6 months. If you made it a year, you were one of the long time ones in the city. Six months is as long as I was planning on staying there even if it's paradise, honestly.

I guess that sucks about the first paragraph, but I've heard very different reports of the city from Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong people, so I guess everyone's experience is different. What about the actual landscape? I mean, it's pretty close to Ha Long Bay, right? And near the beach? Won't I be able to go and chill on the beach on my off days and enjoy that? The only reasons you've given so far are that the people are really rude and there's nothing to do - the rude people I can deal with, and I'm not looking for another college party town or nightlife central anyway.

I got enough of that in college, and i'm in Beijing right now, so I'm ready for a change of pace. As long as I can Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong the beach every now and then and relax by the ocean, that's enough for me.

I'll be able to do that, right? It's a about hours away by bus for Ha Long Bay Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong what I remember. There is another "beach" named Do Son nearby, an Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong or so from what I remember, but it barely classifies as a beach and is pretty dirty and completely crowded.

Everything worth seeing is gonna be a few Free no sign ups sex chat sites affaires away at least. Generally people I knew would take a day trip to Hanoi to just get away from HP once in a while. There is Cat Ba island nearby but I can't really comment on it since I never went. I just know Fuck me tonight in Hai Duong that would take like weekend trip. I'm not a nightlife or party person either but by nothing to do, I mean literally nothing to do.

There is no like relaxing areas to just like wander or go chill for a few hours. Foreigners also tend to have a sparkle in their eye for foreign places, even if it has pretty bad qualities. If you know Vietnamese, try asking them about Hai Phong.

From my experience, Vietnamese I knew from Hanoi and Saigon both hated people from that area cause they were considered rude by Vietnamese standards.

So if you're looking for a place to relax and hit beach once in a while, HP is not a place I would recommend. Also from what I've been hearing about HP from my friends is that foreigners have been flooding the city for jobs. When I was there they were really desperate for foreign teachers cause I could probably count the number of foreigners I'd see daily on 1 hand. Since then jobs are filling up and pay is going down in a city where the salary was already lower than your Saigon and Hanoi counterparts.

Acquiring an english teaching job is relatively easy is just about any part of Asia and including Hai Phong. As for Hai Phong compared to Beijing I personally haven't been to Beijing, but I have may friends who have. I've been to Hai Phong a few times and have family who lives there.

I have to admit Senior swingers in Ji-Parana who posted negatively previous to mine regarding Hai Phong are pretty accurate.

Hai Phong can be an armpit compared to other places. The water is so polluted that people are always getting sick even if you don't swim in it. The so called beaches are awful Awful crowded, awful polluted, awful smelling. Traffic is bad in HP, but my friends indicate it's nowhere near as bad as Beijing. Being next to the sea, HP doesn't have the horrible smog problem as does Beijing, so one of your concerns is resolved Prostitute in Yopal you choose to live in HP.

Food in both cities are awesome and I believe HP edges out Beijing for sea food. The people and the attitudes in HP are mixed. I've meet some of nicest people in the world and I've also met some of the biggest communist assholes there too.

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Want to add to the discussion? Don't move there at all. And sorry for late reply, I was on vacation.


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