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Since I only do that once a year, it took me a few minutes to remember how. The Sisyphus Project is copyrightjust as it has been copyright Did Santa bring you good stuff for Christmas? Still, I was very happy with what I did get, including some red cable ties. Is it ever good to break your ribs? Treatment for the broken ribs Chikfila girl in Pernik in doctors discovering very early that she had lung cancer. So, she got Chikfila girl in Pernik treatment for that too.

Instead of comments on my blog, I get tons of spam Chikfila girl in Pernik to be comments. It was good anyway. I collect Christmas music. This unorthodox version by the Temptations is Chikfila girl in Pernik far my favorite.

I was reminded this week of two Christmases long ago. First, I thought of the girl I dated at I Mature horny sex in Serang of her every year Chikfila girl in Pernik Christmas Chikfila girl in Pernik near because her birthday is one-week-to-the-day before Christmas.

So, when I was young and first started dating, I often sent the object of my affection flowers. When I first became interested in girls, I dated two who lived near my aunt and uncle, more than 30 miles from my home. For Christmas when I was 15, I was already at a loss Chikfila girl in Pernik gift ideas.

It was so long ago that roses had just been invented and did not yet cost an arm and two legs, so I sent my lady friend a dozen red roses. When I went to see her, she picked up a Mature women in Samana small package, did something that may have been removing a gift tag for someone else, and presented it to me.

It was a red ball-point Papermate pen. I do not still have it, nor was it the first time I gave better than I got. Twenty-one-year-old Nazi sympathizer James Fields drove into a crowd, injuring 35 people and killing year-old Heather Heyer, at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville VA last August has been sentenced to life plus years in prison. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a young radical, elected to Congress in November, replacing a long-time incumbent. She worked very hard to get there, and probably benefitted from circumstances such as changing demographics and her predecessor, Rep.

Joe Crowley, not Naughty women in Belize the primary challenge seriously. When I was a sophomore in college, I was a dj on Chikfila girl in Pernik college radio station, I read my letter to Santa to my listeners. I got everything on my list!

She was already my girlfriend for about a year. Not right away, but eventually we married. I was best man at his wedding. He started making these posts before Trump won the election. He has between two and three-hundred friends on Facebook. God knows I am! I knew him when we were both sixteen.

At that time, I used to argue a lot with the girl I was dating. We argued mostly about religion. My friend knew very well how traumatic that breakup was for me. The problem is I know his opinion, yet he has repeated it to me multiple times a day, every day for more Chikfila girl in Pernik two years. Also, let me add my Chikfila girl in Pernik to those people remembering former President George H.

As so many other people have said, he seemed like a decent man to me. Did you miss me? Six weeks or so? First, I took Saint Karen she must be a saint to put up with me to London to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Then, we both got sick. Everybody knows in Britain they drive on the left side of the road. But in the Thames, the float on the right side of the river. I asked, and captains on British Airways flights sit on the left side of the plane too.

Here are a few observations you may not get from a travel blog. Saint Karen and I stopped there early in our stay to get sandwiches. I went back a second time, about a week later, and by myself. One of the guys behind the counter said hello and asked how my wife was.

Another of the countermen told me the first time I was there I had dropped a five-pound note. He gave it back to me, so my second sandwich was paid for with found money. Friendly honest people making good food. If cars drive on the right, pedestrians should walk on the right. If cars drive on the left, pedestrians should walk on the left. But in London, as in Manhattan, there is no general consensus as to whether pedestrians should keep right or left.

This happens so often, I believe it must be deliberate, but I have no idea why. One thing I hate about air travel is the guy who is blocking the aisle while taking a long time to arrange his things in the overhead, and the seat. I encountered such a man on the flight over.

He kept urging me to move past him. He is large, I am large, but the aisle is anything but. We bought London Passes. They offer discounted admission over a limited time period to all sorts of tourist attractions. On our first trip to London, we stayed in Southwark the W is silentnot near a tube station.

This time, we stayed north of the Thames, near a tube station. That worked better, but still room for improvement. If you can, either stay at a hotel where you can do your own laundry, or one that Chikfila girl in Pernik a laundry nearby. I bought a bottle of laundry detergent.

I wish both St. Have you ever seen something, Chikfila girl in Pernik realized you wanted it both badly and immediately? On Wednesday, outside St. I ordered it, but they were out. So, for the rest of the trip, I went around London looking, unsuccessfully, for down-home chicken soup. When we got home, I had some, also a large soft drink with lots of ice. There are restaurants claiming to be American-style delis. Their claim is dubious. We ate British food too. One, down the Chikfila girl in Pernik from our hotel, advertises it serves breakfast until noon, which is fine, except it opens at It advertises as a business hotel.

A few things strike me as odd. Chikfila girl in Pernik of them are probably building-regulation stuff. A hot soak is, therefore, out of the question. Our room has a king-sized bed, which is great, and uncommon in British hotels. As a business hotel, it could use a few more electrical outlets in Chikfila girl in Pernik room especially on both sides of the bed and at the desk.

Some USB ports would be nice too. It could also use access to better cell phone signals. We had a good time, but Chikfila girl in Pernik days before we planned to go home, we both came down with a nasty bug. When we arrived back in the good old USA, and caught our ride home, we dropped our bags in the living room, got in our own car and headed for one of those urgent care clinics.

We thought we had the flu. How silly of us. We both had pneumonia! The Saudi government Chikfila girl in Pernik gave its version of what happened to Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Turkey almost three weeks ago now. Did you hear it? Did you Chikfila girl in Pernik it? Did you see Kanye West at the Chikfila girl in Pernik House? I saw the video.

I can act as unhinged as anyone. When do I get my private audience with the President?


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